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Broadband Alliance of Mendocino County

Nonprofit Organization

A non-profit group that advocates for affordable and widespread broadband access for the residents, businesses, and communities of Mendocino County.

The government's data hugely undercounts the number of people without access: "What the FCC says is, if you can serve one person in a census block, that means you're serving everybody in the census block."


A good background discussion, from a few weeks ago.

"Before you solve a problem, you’ve got to be able to understand it." broadbandbreakfast.com/2020/07/dana-floberg-broadband-maps-are-just-one-step-toward-closing-the-digital-divide/

"No matter who you are or where you live in this country, you need access to advanced communications to have a fair shot at 21st century technology," Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel wrote in a dissenting opinion. "That is why our responsibility to offer an honest assessment with this report is so…

Not exactly broadband, but instructive to the future of tech:

Broadband Legislation Tracking:

California Legislation:

AB 2421 – Land use: permitting: wireless communications

SB 1130 Telecommunications: California Advanced Services Fund

SB 1206 – Local government: broadband infrastructure development project permit processing: microtrenching permit processing ordinance.