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May 20th- Special Presentation by Computers for Classrooms (and students, families, seniors, organizations, and more)

The Broadband Alliance is proud to host a special presentation by Computers for Classrooms, a non-profit based in Chico, CA.  But don’t be fooled by the name – they offer high-quality and low cost computers to a variety of individuals and organizations (see the qualifications pdf).  Don’t let the (normally) high cost of a computer keep you or your child from falling on the wrong side of the Digital Divide, because this organization can help provide you with affordable options.  Join us on May 20th to learn more.

Computers for Classrooms will also be accepting donations of computers and electronic equipment on this same day.  Avoid your outdated equipment ending up in our local landfill, or having to pay shipping costs to a recycling facility.

May 20th – Computers for Classroom Presentation
10 am-11 am

By Ozzie Serrano (Chief Executive Officer) and Pat Furr (founder)

Community Foundation of Mendocino County
204 South Oak Street
Ukiah, CA 95482
(Map and directions)

Donations of electronic equipment and computers from 11-12
Donations cannot be guaranteed to be accepted (due to potential vehicle space limitations) unless you contact us in advance at

Flyer for May 20th presentation
Qualifications (Spanish)
Computers available
Computers available (Spanish)
Electronic equipment acceptable for donation
Software installed on shipped computers



Crossing the Digital Divide – by Joseph Feigon

The “Digital Divide”…what is it?  How big is it?  Which side am I on?  These are important questions which can impact your education, job, economics general well-being.  

The Digital Divide is the gulf between individuals, households, businesses, and geographic areas in regards to access to, use of, and impact of information and communication technologies.  Simply put, the divide between those who have broadband and those who don’t.  There are many components of this divide, the most apparent in rural areas being lack of access.

Joseph Feigon is a technical wizard, and he is here to help you Cross the Digital Divide with his blog below.  Joe and his wife Mara moved to Mendocino county from San Francisco about eight years ago, and started building their own business:  business management/bookkeeping (Mara), and IT solutions for individuals and small businesses (Joseph).

Joe’s experience with telecommunications dates back to the era of divestiture, when he sold phone systems and voice processing platforms to small and large businesses alike.  As speed increased and fiber began to replace T-1 lines he moved into video and data.  He rode the Internet wave and helped individuals and businesses to connect and access the Internet to fulfill their personal and business goals.  He assisted several Bay area municipalities replace their aging PBX’s or Centrex systems with contemporary, VoIP based solutions to embrace exciting new technologies.  

In today’s world and “information overload” it takes effort to keep our digital literacy skills up to speed.  Joe is here to help us with his “Crossing the Digital Divide” columns. We are are grateful that he is sharing his knowledge with the residents of Mendocino County and viewers of the Broadband Alliance website.

You can also find Joe’s columns published weekly in the Laytonville Observer paper.  If you want to contact Joe, please use the Alliance contact request and we will pass your inquiry to Joe.

(NOTE: Joe is a resident of Laytonville, and some of his columns are specific to that area.  The ones included here are those columns that have a wider audience appeal)

Volume 1 – Crossing the Digital Divide (1/7/2016)
Volume 2 – Keep it Safe (1/14/2016)
Volume 3 – Here & There, Hardware and Backups (1/21/16)
Volume 4 – Rules of the Road (1/28/16)
Volume 5 – Free Stuff (2/16/16)
Volume 6 – Real Privacy (2/23/16)
Volume 7 – Your Net (3/4/16)
Volume 8 – Real Time Communications (3/10/16)
Volume 9 – Internet of Things
Volume 10 – Should I Fix it?
Volume 11 – Windows
Volume 12 – When to Turn What Off
Volume 13 – Two-factor Identification
Volume 14 – Shortcuts
Volume16 – plumbing
Volume 17 – Certifiable
Volume 18 – Cloud Cushions
Volume 19 – Oh No!
Volume 20 – Open Sesame
Volume 21 – Roaming
Volume 22 – Kate Wolf Festival
Volume 23 – Clean Power
Volume 25 – Chips
Volume 26 – Stress
Volume 27 – Mobile
Volume 28 – Really
Volume 30 – Bring it On
Volume 31 – Smile You’re On Video
Volume 32 – Little Things
Volume 33 – Option A
Volume 35 – Voice (Open Source)
Volume 36 – DDoS
Volume 37 – Hacks
Volume 38 – Readiness
Volume 39 Privacy
Volume 40 – Control
Volume 41 – Leaks (Bluetooth)
Volume 42 – Shopping
Volume 43 – Mind the Kids
Volume 45 – Teen Safety
Volume 46 – If Only
Volume 47 – Snippets
Volume 48 – TV-OD
Volume 49 – Replacements (Chromebooks)
Volume 50 – Gnu
Volume 51 – Check Please
Volume 52 – Check Point
Volume 53 – Tripod
Volume 54 – One Number (VoIP)
Volume 55 – Mac Attack
Volume 56 – Patch Tuesday and security updates
Volume 57 – Transparency
Volume 58 – iThings
Volume 59 – Numbness
Volume 60 – Beginnings
Volume 61 – Raspberry Pi
Volume 62- Latency vs bandwidth
Volume 63 – Google Hack
Volume 64 – Protect yourself from Ransomware
Volume 65 – Scareware and Ransomware
Volume 67 – Five unsettling cyber threats
Volume 68 – Bring your own Device
Volume 69 – Overheating
Volume 70- Maybe
Volume 71 – Blocked
Volume 72 – Net Reality
Quincy Larson – I’ll never bring my phone on an international flight again
Volume 74 – Heat
Volume 75 – Trial by Fire
Volume 76 – cc cleaner
Volume 77 – VoIP
Volume 78 – Use It
Volume 79 – Why IP?
Volume 80 – Time for a Change
Volume 81 – Career Technical Skills
Volume 82 – Problem Solving
Volume 83 – Hello
Volume 84 – PUP
Volume 85 – Rocketscience
Volume 86 – There’s more (Install updates!)
Volume 87 – Choice (The 7 Layers of the Internet)
Volume 88 – How to Primer (Google Drive)
Volume 89 – Basics (Social Media etiquette)
Volume 90 – FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt)
Volume 91 – Stress Not (and Back up)
Volume 92 – X-Ray (all you can spy on)
Volume 93 – All Queued Up
Volume 94 – Open the Pod Doors, Hal
Volume 95 – Duplicity
Volume 96 – Obfuscate
Volume 97 – In the early morning of Saturday
Volume 98 – Homework (History of VZ )
Volume 99 – This, too
Volume 100 – Freedom
Volume 101 – Ageless
Volume 102 – Plastic Wrap
Volume 103 – Spoof
Volume 104 – Today
Volume 105 – Nag
Volume 106 – Phishfry
Volume 107 – In-house
Volume 108 – Lookout!