Broadband, Business, and the Bottom Line

You can improve performance and profit with high speed Internet.

Today’s business is 24/7 via website and Smartphone.
Gone are the days of “Sorry, we are closed”.

  • Compete successfully for future sales growth using the online resources younger customers want and expect as their way to do business and communicate 24/7. By end 2011, an estimated 50% of the US population will use Smartphones. A recent study shows that already 27% of mobile subscribers are not going to physical stores.
  • Increase efficiency and profit with cost and time savings on overhead, administrative tasks, and physical space with off-site personnel who can work from home.
  • Save advertising dollars, increase marketing power, and target audience more effectively with exciting websites and social media networking, even to attract local customers.
  • Meet expectations of vendors, government agencies, and customers who demand communication online.
  • Improve customer relations with the ability to get direct feedback and respond quickly.
  • Save money, time and gas with online meetings through streaming, Skype, VOIP.

The Alliance is working for you

  • To provide affordable universal broadband access to homes and businesses to support economic viability, ensure health and safety, offer access to educational opportunities, attract new home buyers, and keep our kids in our communities.
  • To facilitate the building of a county-wide connectivity network to accommodate escalating future technology needs to replace the disappearing land line and dial up options.

You can be a broadband leader

  • Invest in the future growth of your business, your community, and the County by partnering with the Alliance to offer knowledge, time, and other contributions.
  • TOGETHER we can do it!