Each year, the Alliance contacts its supporters throughout Mendocino County to obtain their endorsement to support Alliance grant applications.

In 2013, the Alliance will also start endorsement of grant applications for broadband infrastructure deployment in Mendocino County by third parties. To facilitate this process, the Alliance has asked that each of our supporters designates the Alliance as the supporter’s agent for endorsement of broadband deployment grant applications in Mendocino County during the coming year.

Alliance Endorsements

As of November 24, 2012, the Alliance has 111 endorsements, including endorsements from:

  • Mendocino County Board of Supervisors
  • Community Foundation of Mendocino County
  • Economic Development & Financing Corporation
  • Mendocino County Executive Office
  • Mendocino County Office of Emergency Services
  • Mendocino County Planning & Building Services
  • Mendocino County Office of Education
  • Mendocino County Library District
  • Mendocino Coast Broadband Alliance
  • Mendocino County businesses, non-profits, and individuals.

Download the complete list of 2012/2013 endorsements.