NBNCBC Oversight Committee Meetings

The NBNCBC is governed by an OverSight Committee, composed of a supervisor appointed from each of the four counties.  This Oversight committee meets on a quarterly basis to review progress on consortium goals and workplans.  Three meetings are held via conference call, and one meeting is scheduled to be an in-person meeting in Santa Rosa.  These meetings are open to the public but it is advised to please contact the county manager prior to the meeting for specific location details and/or instructions for calling in (see NBNCBC roster below for contact information).

The dates for the 2017 OverSight Committee Meetings are:

The agenda for each meeting will be posted one week before the meeting.

2017 NBNCBC Roster and contact information

Below are notes from previous meetings:

07-29-16 Oversight Committee meeting notes
01-25-16  OverSight Committee Notes
10-20-16 OverSight Committee Notes
Exhibit #1: JPA draft