Providers in Mendocino County

The information on this page is compiled to the best of our ability from various sources, including Public Utilities Commission data, California Broadband map, advertised service areas from providers, websites, and word of mouth.   It will not always be accurate, coverage will likely be over-stated, and we may have inadvertently omitted providers.   Please use this information as a useful guide only, and contact individual providers to get definitive answers on service availability.

Please contact the Alliance at with new information, as we will do our best to keep this list updated.

Providers in Specific Areascompiled data from various sources as of Sept. 2017

Provider listing (and the areas they serve) – compiled data from various sources as of Sept 2017

Adoption Report and Internet Access options – March 2015 (updated 2017)

Low Cost internet programs

Digital Training dates

  • Ukiah Senior Center iPad Training – TBD
  • Fort Bragg Senior Center iPad Training – May 12th
  • Willits Senior Center –

Broadband Adoption Report for Mendocino County – March 2015

Fixed Wireless Broadband versus Satellite Internet

Provider Coverage Maps – from provider-reported data to the CPUC as of January 2015 (maps for all providers are not available)

Data in Spreadsheets – from provider-reported data to CPUC as of January 2015

The California Broadband Map can also be used to find providers at your specific address, although the data is from 12/31/15.  The map also has a lot of other useful information found in the various layers, and although it takes a little time to learn it, it’s a good resource.  In addition, your input can help improve it’s accuracy (and grant funding often depends on this map.)  Here’s a quick guide to start using the Broadband Map:

  • To go, put in your address, and click “locate.” Sometimes unfortunately, some rural addresses do not locate on the map.
  • After locating your house, 3 tabs will appear at the top.  These tabs tell you which providers are available in  the technologies of fixed (cable, DSL, fiber, fixed wireless, etc), mobile (cell phones) and satellite services.
  • If the map says that a certain service is available (for example, Comcast in the example map above), and you were told by Comcast they they do not provide service to your address, it’s REALLY important to convey that information to the CPUC by clicking the blue “send feedback” link that is directly above listings.  This takes you to a short survey where you can provide this important feedback.  Since designations are based on census blocks this information you provide gives an “on the ground” assessment of broadband availability for your location.
  • Click the 5th icon down to explore the various Layers of the map.  You can see census block and political  boundaries, broadband availability by technology and speeds, public feedback locations, and much more.  If you have filled out the “send feedback” survey, a dot should be visible at your location (no name or address though) for having provided public feedback.