January 6, 2012 Tri-County Broadband Meeting

On Friday, January 6, 2012, the Broadband Alliance of Mendocino County will host the counties of Sonoma and Lake in an invitation-only meeting to discuss broadband issues of mutual interest. All three counties are intimately entwined economically, and all three need significant improvement in broadband infrastructure.

Regardless of funding sources, our three counties will always remain neighbors, and will always need to work together to ensure universal broadband deployment. Collaboration will lead to better, more easily funded, projects while reducing overall planning costs.

This invitation-only meeting will be the first step in forming an ad hoc, but ongoing, relationship between the counties to facilitate broadband deployment projects that span county boundaries. We hope to establish informal inter-county working groups that can inform the formal broadband development planning in each county, and that can facilitate contractor/carrier operations when working on multi-county broadband deployment projects.

Attached Files 
a. Agenda, attendees, and map
b. Background, Purpose of Meeting, and Basic Strategies – Greg Jirak
c. The Mapping Problem – Jim Moorehead
d. Broadband Access Survey – Brian Churm